Venetian stucco

Venetian stucco is among the oldest and most precious architectural finishes. Originating in Iran, it arrived in the Venetian Republic where it found it’s best function due to the fact that the elegant buildings of Venice have to fight against mold and humidity. We still advise the ancient Venetian stucco today as the ideal solution for those environments that need a balance between sophistication and functionality. Thanks to a mix of slaked lime, air-slaked lime and natural marble, Venetian stucco leaves walls smooth and shiny. The layering process which allows for the marble to penetrate into the lime, results in the plaster’s shine and the typical relief and contrast effect. The Venetian stucco of Decor Group also distinguishes itself due to its breathability, water resistance and resistance to condensation. If you are looking for an antique plaster that gives value to your space without compromising hydraulic conductivity, then you are looking for Venetian stucco. We also recommend using waxes in our work for those who would like a mirroring effect with less breathability but a higher resistance.

Decor Group is the perfect general contractor for those who want to entrust their buildings to a team of serious and professional construction, renovation and maintenance workers. Flexible and quick in both design as well as execution, we can also manage many work sites at the same time, both in Italy and abroad. Our prices are competitive, our costs are clear and reliable and unforeseen or unwanted additions are not part of the way we operate. We work alongside other companies, design studios and furnishing specialists to complete projects with increasingly significant and innovative results.
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