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Decor Group provides a complete service, including preliminary advice, for the interior whitewashing and painting of private living spaces, shops, showrooms and offices. Our products for interior painting are safe, durable and sustainable. We choose only materials that magnify the essence of your walls, protecting them with anti-mold and humidity solutions, and using ecological and non-toxic paints as required by current law. Decor Group aims to deliver results that last over time so that your interior spaces are not only pleasing but of the highest quality. This is why that among the other services we offer, we also offer maintenance options. We chose the best producers of washable paints, enamels and varnishes, paying close attention to the technical characteristics and to the most innovative choices. Our wide range of colour is nearly infinite, adaptable to all styles and requests, creating personalized colours and unique dyes. With this it is then possible to combine decorations and various types of stucco such as Venetian, antique or modern.

Our team, which works within the standard safety guidelines, is able to give feedback on the safety of interior painting and able to intervene in a timely manner depending on different environments. And we always take into account the specific needs of the client. Furthermore, thanks to the intervention abilities of our workers and painters, any inconvenience that may occur due to interior painting will be at a minimum. In fact, cleaning is carried out in the spaces during and after the project. If you are looking for a quick, meticulous and professionally done job, you are looking for us. Our specialization combines perfectly with our drive to always meet your requests and to always do better work. Decor Group guarantees you the quality work you need to set your company apart from others.

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