Quick, versatile and resistant – drywall is the perfect solution for designing spaces that will ensure acoustic and thermal insulation without interfering too much with the structure itself. Consisting of a layer of plaster between two sheets of cardboard, drywall allows one to create ceilings that are flat, curved or moulded. Also, drywall walls can be in any form and are easy to assemble and disassemble making it adaptable to your needs. Decor Group is a leader in the drywall production of walls, niches, ceilings, and ceiling trims whether it is done in a home or in a retail space. And as both a practical and stylistic furnishing solution, we also suggest drywall bookshelves which are more cost-effective than classic shelves but have a better result. Both bookshelves and single shelves make for excellent space saving solutions for interior decorations. 

The Decor Group team has worked for years in private houses, agencies and fashion companies using drywall solutions to restore the modern look to homes, apartments, shops and showrooms. Given the speed of operations and the special thermoacoustic qualities, since the 1960’s drywall has remained one of the most commonly used building materials. Versatile and affordable, if you choose to use drywall in your space, we recommend that you rely on us, an experienced and precise team. We ensure you work that is meticulously done and clean, completed in a timely manner and with clear and transparent costs. We work with only the best quality materials that are resistant and withstand over time. Our passion for continuous research and design as well as construction development allows us to always offer you the most up-to-date innovations within our sector.

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