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Decor Group knows that the exterior painting of a building, be it a condominium, villa or business, is as important as the inside of one. The facade of your house, like a business card, represents you and speaks for you.
We will work hard to find the painting of your facade and exterior walls as close as possible to what you expect, combining innovative technique, style and constant attention to your requests.
We focus not only on providing paintwork for facades but we also offer restoration and maintenance services. Our work is always very precise and our valued experience with exterior painting makes our work highly specialized. There are many climate and environmental factors that over time cause harmful damage to exterior paint jobs and we aim to give to every client aesthetic as well as long-lasting value to their building. Furthermore, the company offers specific services not only in interior paintwork but also in that of decoration, veneer and thermal heating systems.

The time frame of a project for Decor Group is always short seeing as we work quickly on large-scale projects without sacrificing the precision of the final result or the thoroughness which our specialized team guarantees. The cost is always assured and supervised, and the inspections and quotes are always free and transparent.
We work hard to offer or restore the right colour of your exterior facades so that we regain the value and characteristics of your building. The effort we put in to select only the best products is what allows us to guarantee paintwork and restoration done not only quickly but, more importantly, done in a way that will last over time and not need repeated touch-ups.

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